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Cours pilotes - Firefly

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Baseline :

A night, in a small vilage of Belgium, a violent storm breaks. Lightning strikes the conductor of the school equipped with a radium cell. The mast which supports the lightning conductor bends, breaks the window of the sciences laboratory and gives out the radioactive cell into a bottle containing fireflies aimed to experimentation.

The poor little suffer from genetic mutation and turn to monstrous insects unable to survie without heat source.


The young people of the village watch strange lights coming from the windows of the school. They decide to go to explore, to find out the cause of this lightning.

When they reach the playground of the school, the explorers are chased by the fireflies. They enter the main buile les lucioles radioactives sont attirées par la moindre source de chaleur. 
Chaque fois que le groupe cherche à sortir du ding and take refuge in the caretaker's room. They find there different kind of objects, some of them will be usefull in the game.

At the beginning, the player has to find out the radioactive fireflies are attracted by the source of heat. When he tries to exit the boxroom, he is chased if he uses powerful torches. In the boxroom, he has to find a LED equipped lamp and use it. So he is aware that heat attracts fireflies. Everywhere in the school, he will have to detect energy wastes and to remedy thanks to that material.

cagibi led hall

In the computer classroom, all computer ar occupied by monstrous fireflies. A general switch allows to cut off the power. But it's located near a radiator occuped by another firefly. The heating is working at full capacity because the window is open. The window has to be shut, heating slows down, and the students can access the switch.

In the sciences laboratory, an electric extension cord which connects the plug with an incubator gives off heat due to a lose connection. The extension cable has to be unplugged and replaced. Then the light of the incubator has to be plugged again.

When they aren't exposed to the heat anymore, fireflies turn back to a normal shape and go back in their bottle.

bureau salle de sciences terrarium

In the canteen, bulbs have to be replaced by economic bulbs founded in the caretaker's boxroom.

In the kitchen, the back side of the fridge heats a lot because its seal is partly removed. To reduce the heat exchange that attracts the fireflies, the seal has to be fixed properly in its place with glue. The freezer has also to be defrosted in order to optimize its consumption.

Finally, when all the fireflies are caught, he will see a new green light inside the caretaker's room. The last monstrous firefly is hidden there...around a coffee machine which has to be unplugged in order to overcome the last firelfy...

frigo réfectoire

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