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Editing Sound

Make a selection:

First you have to know how to make a selection:

To delete, cut, copy, paste your selection of sound, you can use the usual shortcuts (Delete; Control+X; Control+C; Control+V), or the Edit menu, or the following toolbar, with different options:

For example, the last one, the Mix and Paste command, mixes the selection you've cut on the clipboard starting at the insertion point. This allows for smoother transitions into the audio file.

But be carefull: all the changes you make in this waveform view are destructive!! If you cut a sound and save it, the file will be cut forever. So it could be safer to make backup of your original files...

How to reduce noise in your recording:

Noise reduction takes a lot of work (trial and error) so don't get frustrated. Without professional equipment, getting the right amount of noise reduction while maintaining audio quality can be very difficult. Just try to get as close as possible: noise reduction is never perfect.

Go to Effects > Noise Reduction

You have 2 possibilities: noise reduction or hiss reduction.

  1. Select Hiss Reduction.
  2. Choose High, Light, or Standard Hiss Reduction (Standard Hiss Reduction seems to work best in most instances).
  3. Click the Get Noise Floor button (you will need to do this for each reduction method you choose).
  4. At this point you may also adjust the Noise Floor manually using the scroll bar.
  5. Click the Preview button to hear the results before you apply them.

You can also try the other noise reduction options:

  1. The Noise Reduction option works differently. You first have to select in your waveform a moment with only noise!
  2. Then select Effects > Noise Reduction > Noise Reduction
  3. Then click the Capture profil button
  4. Then select the entire wave

You may need to play around with these settings to get the right effect you are looking for...

Add special effects:

You can also add special effects to selections of audio by using the Effects menu. Here are a few options you might find useful:

Just test the different effects to get familiar with them...

Save your files

When you're satisfied with the audio, choose File > Save As. Specify a location for the file, type a filename, and choose a file format. Depending on the format you choose, additional options may be available. To view and specify format-specific options, click Options. When you are finished setting options, click Save.

In general, Windows PCM format is the best choice for saving uncompressed audio, and either mp3PRO® or Windows Media Audio is the best choice for saving compressed audio...