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Frame by frame

Animate your character

You will now animate your character: you will begin by drawing the different position of your character, to give him a moving effect.


When you open a new document, there is a 'blank keyframe' represented by a blank circle on the first frame of this layer. As soon as you draw, paste or import something on it, the circle will get black. The 'blank frame' gets a 'keyframe'.

  1. By now, you only have one layer in your animation (here called 'character') and one key frame.
  2. Make a right click on the frame 2 of your layer 'character' and select 'Insert keyframe'. This key is represented by a black circle on the 2nd frame. You can also hit the F6 key.
  3. By inserting a new keyframe on a layer, Flash duplicates the previous keyframe. So now you have two identical keyframes.
  4. Put your curser on the 2nd keyframe and change the position of your character.
  5. Do it again untill the movment is over.
  6. You see, a keyframe is a frame that you can modify in your animation. When you create your animation, you make a succession of keyframes.



To help you to modify a keyframe, you can display one or several keyframes.

To specify the number of keyframe that you want to display at the same time, move the left and right cursors one the timeline.

disp keyframe

Now press (Ctrl+Enter) to view your animation.