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Tutoriaux - Adobe Premiere

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Working with Audio:

As you've noticed, when you put a video in the timeline, the corresponding audio is put in an audiotrack. Those 2 tracks are associate: when you trim one, the other is been trimmed; if you want to remove audio, video will be removed too.

But you can dissociate them: click on the audio or the video clip in the timeline, and select ' break link'. Now you can work with one freely from the other.

You can also add some music to the project by importing and placing audio files. Just drag them from the Project Window (or use a way we've seen previously).

In the timeline you can have an expanded view or a reduced view of your track. Click on the icon triangle next to the speaker icon:

The expanded view shows the waveform of the clip.

The horizontal line in the middle of the waveform is the volume of the clip. Drag up to increase, move down to reduce the volume.

You can edit audio the same way as a video clip. Double-cick on it to make it appear in the Source view.