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Exporting the Project

When you're finished with your project you will need to export it. You can burn it to a DVD, record it to a video tape, or compress it.

Export to DVD:

With the version 2.0 of Premiere, you can export the timeline content to a DVD, but also create menus and sub menus!

This feature is also extremely customizable as it gives you the option of making animated backgrounds, the ability to have a background audio track and other options...

To create a menu:

  1. Go to Window > DVD Layout.
  2. To add interactive menu, choose Change Template, then you have to apply a template

  3. You can modify the template in the Effects control:

  4. You can generate DVD markers straight from the timeline, by using the DVD Marker button .
  5. You can have a preview of your dvd : Window > DVD Layout > Preview DVD

To burn the DVD:

Output back to DV tape:

  1. Make sure your camcorder is connected, turned on, and set to play with a blank tape.
  2. Select File > Export > Export to Tape.
  3. Click record, and your video on the selected timeline will be output to tape

Export the movie:

Export > Movie, Frame, Audio, or Title

These commands are used to export full-resolution files that can be archived or brought into projects for further editing.

If you just want to export a single frame from captured video, position the playhead so that the frame you want is shown in the monitor. Then choose File > Export > Frame to save your image.

Adobe Media Encoder

To encode or compress the files in distribution format, use the Adobe Media Encoder.

  1. File > Export > Adobe Media Encoder
  2. Select the format best suited for your output goal:

    • MPEG‑1 is used in CD-ROM authoring
    • MPEG‑2 in disc authoring
    • Flash Video, QuickTime, RealMedia (Windows only), Windows Media (Windows only) are Web formats.
  3. You have also the ability to preview your source video, your output video as well as the ability to crop your video, right inside the Media Encoder.
  4. The format you've selected determines which Preset options are available. Choose the settings, and click OK
  5. Give a name to your file.
  6. You have to know that whatever the export format you choose, Premiere can take a long long time to render all of your transitions and effects!