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Editing Video

The Rough Cut:

To get started on your project, you may want to create a rough cut of your video program. A rough cut is simply a sequence of clips assembled in the general sequence you want, with little or no editing.

A rough cut can quickly give you some sense of your video program’s effectiveness, letting you start making decisions about where to cut, trim, and add transitions and special effects.

The clips you've imported do not become part of the video program until you place them into the Timeline, so let's place it.

To place a clip into the Timeline:

This is a rough cut, giving you some idea of how your sequence works and what needs to be trimmed, edited, and modified. To see how your work is progressing, click the Play button underneath the Program view (or press the spacebar). Note that the edit line in the Timeline moves with the preview. This edit line indicates the active frame (the frame being edited or previewed).

Making a rough cut is not an obligation, you can make it directly more precise using the monitor screen.

Double-click on the clip in the Project Window, and it will open in the Source view (you can also drag it to the Source view), ready to be edited.

Double-clicking on a clip on the timeline make it appear on the Source view monitor.

Editing the sequence:

You'll need to remove the parts that you don't need: you'll need to trim your clips. Trimming a clip involves setting a new In point, Out point, or both. An In point is the frame at which a clip begins; an Out point is the last frame of the clip.

Adding In and Oup points in the Source view:

It’s important to understand that the trimmed area has not been deleted! Premiere has hidden the trimmed frames so that they don’t appear in the Timeline and will not appear when you preview or export the video program.

You can easily restore them by resetting the In or Out points using any trimming method.

Another way to Trim your clip: in the Timeline window.

One option is to trim the edges of the clip in your timeline until it is the length you want it to be.

Because you've shorten your clip, there is now a gap in the Timeline between this clip and the following ones:

To preserve a continuous flow, you need to close this gap by moving the other clips to the left. To do this, you’ll use the track selection tool.

track selection tool

This tool selects all the clips in a track to the right of where you click. Just drag the clip to the left.

Cut your clip

To cut your clip, you will need to use the Razor tool


located in the tool section of the Timeline