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Practise 1

Draw with swish

Motion effect

Select your Object with the Motion Path tool and move it to the place you want. You’ll see that the way that the Object will follow appears in form of a dashed blue line. If you want your Object to follow a more complex way, you just have to repeat this step as much as you want.


Play your animation by clicking on Play Timeline.


As you see, the animation loops.

If you want your animation to be played only once, you have to add an action to a frame.

Add an action to a frame

Note: The Script panel is by default in the middle, beside the Layout panel. If not, you can display it -and also any else panel- by activating it on the panel menu. You can also drag it to the right, with the others panels.

In the Timeline, select the last frame of the 'Scene_1' layer.


On the Script Pannel, click on the Add Script button and select Movie Control > stop()


A red square has appear in the Scene_1 layer.

You can now play your animation, it will stop at the end.


Make an object transparent

Display an object before applying an effect