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Once the chosen theme (hunting of energy wastings in a school) and the style of game (Thursday Adventures point and click) decided, the first thing to do was the scenario development. It was made in dialogue during the workshops.

In the same time, the 3D scenery were created.

To integrate in Adventure Maker, the first decision was the size of the image to export. We chose 1024 px width by 768 px height.

In summary, the used software are :

Integration into Adventure Maker:

The Adventure Maker's principle is simply to import the pictures representing parts of the game, and add hotspots, clickable points to get from one picture to another! These hotspots also can be pictures of objects that can be taken and included in the inventory, to be used later.


We chose to work in 1024 px width by 768 px height. We must to enter these information in the program by clicking on "project properties" in the "project menu" window.

now YOU have to import your frames.

To do this, click on "Create new frame by importing pictures" at the top of the frame management, and select your first picture. When this picture is imported , in the software, you must to write that the game will start with this picture.

So, go back to "project properties", in the general tumbnail and choose the name of your initial picture.

A piece of advice : the images 'name must be very clear, it will help you when they are imported. The smalls icons view style is clearer.
But sometimes we have to import several times the same frame, depending on the actions. So the name is very important.

affichage des frames par liste

You have to publish your imported pictures : to make the link one to another or to active the clickable points, etc...

Edit frames : to go from a picture to another one :

hotspot properties

To put objects INTO action : add an object to the inventory.

As you move from a picture to another one, you edit a frame and add hotspost.

As you've seen in the Firefly game, the object is not directly taken by clicking on it: there is an intermediate frame where the player can have an instruction, and have the choice to bring it or not.


The principle is really simple, and the same as before :
- by clicking on the lamp in the caretakers'room, you'll go to another frame
- in this another frame, if you choose not to take the lamp, you simply go back to the last visited frame
- if you choose to take the lamp, the object is added to your inventory, and you go back to the last frame.

But it's not so simple... because if you test the game, you'll see the lamp will always appear in the room, even if you 've taken it!! To find a solution for it, you have to use Variables.

Use of variables:

The principle will be :
- there is a variable: lampe
- lampe=0 if the lamp object has not been taken
- lampe=1 if it has been taken
- the picture of the lamp in the caretakers'room will be displayed (and clickable) only if lampe=0 (if it has not been taken)

USe an objeCt from the inventory:

In our game, to go out of the caretaker's room, the user needs to use the lamp of the inventory :

In our game, in this case, when we use an object from the inventory, some other actions happen: sometimes a sound plays, sometimes a video or an animation appears.

To make something happen (using an object from the inventory):

(Notice : those options are nearly the same as when you just click on a hotspot)

Add Flash

You can also play Flash movies in the Adventure Maker games.

First create your Flash movie: for Firefly we created an interactive manuel: this is a free flash book. You can have more information or download it here: http://www.pageflip.hu/