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Tutoriaux - Adobe Premiere

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Starting a Project


Adobe Premiere is a powerful video editing software. This tutorial will show you how to begin with this software.

The first step to editing video in Premiere is to create a project file. A Project file is a Premiere file that stores references to all of your media clips and information about how you arranged and edited the clips. Everything used in your project will be accessible and organized in the Project Window.

To create a new Project:

Capturing video:

Capturing video is the procedure you will use to get media clips from your camera into the computer to edit.

To connect a DV camcorder to the computer:

  1. Connect the 4 pin end of the Firewire cable to the DV camera. (On the ETC's Canon camcorder this is marked DV IN/OUT.)
  2. Connect the 6 pin end of the Firewire cable to the computer's Firewire port.

Capturing and saving video:

Importing Media Files into your Project:

Premiere suports a wide variety of media formats, including many types of audio and video, as well as still images and animations. To import media files:

The files appear in the Project window. For each file that you import, the Project window lists its name, type, and duration. Other columns let you add your own descriptions or labels. You can scroll or enlarge the window if necessary.